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PRKN Watches made its debut in 2023, guided by a straightforward vision: to craft a timepiece that exudes elegance, class, and timelessness while incorporating contemporary design elements. Our commitment to this idea is reflected in the meticulous execution of our watches.

In a world inundated with instant notifications and constant distractions, PRKN Watches aimed to offer a respite by designing a timepiece that harkens back to simpler times—a conversation starter that captivates attention upon entering a room. We take pride in our success in achieving this objective.

Headquartered in sunny Queensland, Australia, we, at PRKN Watches, are a dedicated and customer-centric business. Much like our customers, we share a genuine passion for watches and stay abreast of the latest trends. Our focus extends beyond mere watch sales; we are committed to ensuring an unparalleled customer experience from the point of purchase to the final delivery.

Allow me to be transparent about the term 'we'—when I refer to 'we,' I am speaking as the founder, Jesse Parkin. I am involved in every facet of the business, from product development and website design to product handling and finances. It brings me immense satisfaction to personally provide customers with our watches and witness their delight when they put them on for the first time. I am eager to extend this experience to you.

Consider joining the PRKN family. We would be honored to have you accompany us on this journey.

Warm regards,

Jesse Parkin

Founder, PRKN Watches